Disaster Preparedness


The City of Haines City works to minimize the effects of future disasters through mitigation, planning, training and response efforts. The coordination of response agencies during a disaster, public education and awareness for disaster preparedness is a vital part of these efforts. We insure the City's state of readiness with the development and maintenance of the Haines City Emergency Management Plan.


Mitigation is an integral part of the Haines City Emergency Management Plan. Mitigation actions reduce or eliminate the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. Due to Florida's weather, geography, and miles of coastline the state is highly vulnerable to disasters. Disasters can be very costly to both citizens and government.


Because it is not possible to mitigate completely against every hazard that poses a risk, preparedness measures can help to reduce the impact of the remaining hazards by taking certain actions before an emergency event occurs. Preparedness includes plans or other preparations made to save lives and facilitate response and recovery operations.

Coordination of Resources

Through the Haines City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) the resources necessary to respond to an incident that extends beyond the capability of local resources and normal mutual aid to Haines City will be completed.

During an area-wide emergency, City of Haines City officials work closely with Polk County Emergency Management officials. County officials would order evacuations, if necessary, as they oversee countywide emergency response.

Important Numbers

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