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Public Records Custodian - Police Department

The Custodian of Public Records for the Haines City Police Department is the Records Supervisor. The Records Supervisor’s office is the location where the Police Department’s public records are routinely created, sent, received, maintained and requested.

Haines City Police Department Sworn and Civilian personnel submit police reports, usually by the end of their daily shifts. Police reports need to be approved by the supervisors before they can be released to the general public, and can take up to 5 business days depending on the type of the incident involved.

Our Records Section is comprised of a Records Supervisor and two Clerks, who are responsible for Uniform Crime Reporting, and retrieving data that is requested by citizens, insurance companies and other agencies.

You may also request records services from the Haines City Police Department Records Division such as:
• Worthless checks affidavits
• Vehicle VIN verifications,
• Fingerprinting (not Livescan)
• Local background checks

Certain Police reports are submitted to special divisions for further investigation. Additionally, some reports are exempt from Public Records per F.S.S. 119 and redactions have to be made before making the report available to the public. The Records Division assures your request will be addressed within a reasonable amount of time. Should your request rise to the level beyond the normal cost of $.15 per single page and $.20 for double-sided pages to “extensive,” the Records Division will advise you with a written estimate, of which a 50% deposit has to be paid, prior to commencement.  

However, Florida statutes do not require the Custodian of Records to provide information about the records produced or to create new records in response to a request.

You may request records from the Haines City Police Department Records Division in the following ways:
• Send an Email to the Angela Stewart, the Records Supervisor: Email Angela Stewart
• Postal mail to the address indicated. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
• In person, in the lobby of the Haines City Police Department, between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.

If requesting a traffic crash report and it is less than 60 days from the date of incident, the report is ONLY releasable to the persons/parties involved, and a name must be specified on the report.

When requesting a report in-person or by mail, having a case number, victim or defendant’s name, or incident location will help us to better research the case and it will reduce your waiting time.

Officer requests for service after 5:00 pm can be made from a 911 service-provided telephone located at the entrance of the building.

The address and contact information is as follows:
Haines City Police Department
Records Division
35400 Highway 27
Haines City, FL 33844

Telephone: 863-421-3636, ext. 2252

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